Fall Leaf Cookies

20151017_225656Decorating the fall leaf cookies

This project has been in my mind since last winter. I was waiting for this fall to do it. I enjoyed every moment painting and decorating it. My friends loved it too.20151017_225635

Things you need for this project

 Sugar Cookies

Food Color – Yellow, Red, Brown, Green

Alcohol like bacardi or gin to dilute the food color.

Wilton Golden Pearl Dust

Royal Icing

Brush- make sure that you store the brushes separately and use it only for food color


  • Add 2 drops of food color in separate bowls and dilute them with alcohol. Place a few cookies onto a parchment paper on your table.20151017_175643
  • Using a paint brush start painting the top and sides with yellow as shown in the picture.20151017_180529
  • Then use the red color to fill up the top middle part of the cookie.20151017_181120
  • Then the brown color for the lower part of the cookie.20151017_181822
  • Lastly the green over the bottom sides as seen in the picture. Let it dry. 20151017_182651
  • Using royal icing, pipe the veins of the leaves. Let it dry.(Sorry, forgot to get a snap. Got too engrossed in the work).
  • Then mix the pearl dust and a drop of alcohol to dilute it.Paint over the top of the piped royal icing.20151017_225656

Decorating Techniques from Sweet Amb Cookies.

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